Superdelegate to the Future

The creation of the project began with line drawings of a background scene and two characters (protagonist and antagonist) without colors and shadings. Then I collaborate my own scene in Photoshop by utilizing the elements from backgrounds and characters shared among the group of three people. The final product is an 8 x 10-inch digital collage printed on 8.5 x 11-inch paper. I have chosen to display an “Utopia” of our current environment. I would like to raise our awareness of global warming through this collage.

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 1.24.58 PM.png

Digital Collage, 8x10 in.


The scene of candy-land seems to be a utopia at our first glance with the elements of bubbles and desserts. The red heart person located on the bottom and the center is dreaming about the perfect future that we are going to be in. However, these elements suggest that they are not permanent; the chocolate houses and ice cream town is gradually melting in water, while the high-tech city from afar is still surviving in the air. In the dream, the devil is inviting the angel to join them in the high-tech city to make the world “better” together; the dreaming person represents us — the protagonist, we have been watching the evolvement of human history for decades, it is time to make a decision for our next step. In fact, we are experiencing global warming currently as it is gradually getting worst, small changes might not create impacts in a short period of time, but the reality will never be as harmony as our dream, our dreamed future will collapse when we wake up. There is a time limit to act in the dream before we are awake, justas the reality, where we can still make decisions before we are out of control. We have to be aware of our current situation and start making changes as soon as possible.

My work also shares similarities with the works of Tabaimo. She uses animation primarily to display cultural and social issues. In Tabaimo's works, we can see three basic elements:

Utsushi: The emulation of a master artist’s work as a way to understand his or her technique.

Utsutsu: Things that actually exist in the world. Reality.

Utsutsushi: A word created by Tabaimo. To make an utsushi. The state of having been utsushi’d.


One of Tabaimo's recent work is public conVENience, created in 2016 as a video installation. There she reflects the issues of privacy via the connection between reality and animation. 

"When pieces of art gain power through their connection to their predecessors, they begin to take on the possibility of connecting to a future unimaginable to their creator."


I borrowed Tabaimo’s concept to represent a current issue of our environment.