Alter Ego Mask

One of our project in the soft sculpture class is to make an alter ego mask that represents ourselves, according to our Western & Chinese zodiac. The characteristics of our zodiacs that best describe us are shown on our mask. The product was made with wool by wet felting and needle felting.

Medium: wool felting, embroidery

Banana Costume

Western zodiac: Aquarius

The color of the banana gradually turns from lemon yellow to dark blue indicates that the banana becomes a bottle of water dripping down, the bottom of the banana also becomes wavy water falls. The characteristic of Aquarius is emotional and explosive; the two faces on the banana represents that they change their mood instantly, the hole in the front is for the person to show their own face with any emotion.


Chinese zodiac: Pig

Pig eats a great amount of food in general, I use the banana as a representation of food. The top of the banana features an abstract form of a pig tail; the top of the hole features a pig nose with a different color.

The use of color, form, and facial detail are showing that both the Aquarius and the Pig are friendly and humorous. Their innovativeness allows them to think outside the box.